5.1 Remix for Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On Album

Universal Music and Angel Mountain Studios announced work has been completed on the 5.1 surround remix of Marvin Gaye’s classic “Let’s Get It On” album. The new 5.1 mix is part of a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Let’s Get It On album.

The surround mix is scheduled to appear on a Multichannel SACD release of the album on Universal Music’s Motown label later this year. The 5.1 remix was done at Angel Mountain’s newly opened studio complex in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

According to Mike Horvath at Angel Mountain, the company opened three new studios equipped for 5.1 surround work in early May. The new 5.1 studio rooms include two optimized for music recording and remixing assignments and a third designed for TV and Film music work. Angel Moutain feels their lower rate card and proximity to the New York area are major drawing cards for East Coast producers, engineers and artists.

For the Let’s Get It On 5.1 surround remix, the Universal Music staff pulled the original analog master tapes and elected to create a new surround mix for the Multichannel SACD release. (Let’s Get It on originally appeared in 4 channel surround as a CD-4 Quadradisc and Q8 Tape release in the 1970’s on the Tamla/Motown label in Japan).

The analog master tapes were brought to Angel Mountain for the surround remix project. The album was remixed on a SSL XL 9000K “SuperAnalogue” console at Room A at Angel Mountain.

The new 5.1 remix was supervised by Jeff Glixman, Senior Director, Studio Operations for Universal Mastering Studios-East along with Cal Harris, the original recording engineer on the album some 30 years ago and Harry Weinger, Vice President of A&R for Universal Music Enterprises who supervises many of the reissue album projects on the Motown labels. Assisting this team was Carl Cadden-James who is Director of Audio Engineering for Angel Mountain and served as the project’s recording and Pro Tools HD engineer.

The surround remix project was completed in 8 days and the new 5.1 surround mix now moves on to the mastering and production stages. According to Angel Mountain, the smooth completion has led Universal Music to consider bringing future 5.1 surround projects to their studio.

We’ll look forward to Motown’s upcoming Multichannel SACD release of Let’s Get It On to see how the 5.1 surround mix turned out.

The 5.1 remix team for the Let’s Get It On – 30th Anniversary Edition Multichannel SACD: Carl Cadden-James, Director of Audio Engineering for Angel Mountain; Jeff Glixman, Senior Director, Studio Operations, Universal Mastering Studios-East; Cal Harris, former Director of Recording Engineering for Motown Records (retired) and the album’s original stereo mix engineer 30 years ago; and Harry Weinger, Vice President of A&R for Universal Music Enterprises