40th Anniversary Surround Sound SACD by Golden Earring Hits Dutch Charts

Golden Earring, a Hard Rock band based in the Netherlands, has hit the Top 10 Dutch Album Charts with their latest album in Surround Sound Super Audio CD entitled Naked III: Live at the Panama. The new live album was released on the 40th anniversary of the date of the band’s first album. The group is primarily well known in their home market in the Netherlands but they did achieve some fame years ago throughout the world from their hit single “Radar Love”.

Naked III has been released in the Dutch market as a Single Inventory Hybrid Layer Surround Sound Super Audio CD as well as in DVD Video. The SACD includes 5.1 Surround Sound SACD, Stereo SACD and Stereo CD editions of the music on the album. It serves as both the SACD and CD edition of the album.

A 5.1 Surround Sound Live Recording

According to Jos Lauwers at Universal Music International’s operation in the Netherlands “The band really wanted to do this project – they made every effort to assist the surround SA-CD recording and the result is spectacular. The improvement in sound quality over the CD versions of their previous albums is amazing and this struck a strong chord with their fans who demand extra value through great sound quality and a 5.1 listening experience. Put simply, this is what SA-CD offers.”

Lauwers added that “Universal Music supported the album release with a strong media campaign including radio and TV advertising. The superior quality offered by SA-CD was a strong theme that ran through these commercials. We priced Naked III at the same level as a CD and sales have been tremendous. Retail was confident that the release would be successful and as a result they gave the album good positioning within all the major retail chains. This project continues to be very successful and SA-CD has played a key role, along with the DVD-Video release, in meeting customer demands for an extra value experience.

Golden Earring remain a tremendously entertaining band and SA-CD provides a superb platform for fans to experience their music.”

Album Tracks
1. Albino Moon
2. Lost And Found
3. Hold Me Now
4. Colour Blind
5. Wiff And Mercy
6. No For An Answer
7. Last Frontier Hotel
8. Holy Holy Live
9. Angel
10. Turn The World Around
11. Vince Taylor
12. I’ve Just Lost Somebody
13. Sleepwalking
14. Need Her
15. I Need Love
16. Kiff Me
17. Paradise In Distress

The Single Inventory SACD edition of Naked III: Live at the Panama by Golden Earring is now available for purchase at music stores in the Netherlands. It is also available for purchase through the Jpc.de web site based in Germany. The Jpc.de web site also features sound clips of the 17 songs on the album if you’d like to preview the music on the Naked III SACD.