3Bone Audio Launches Sweet Spot Music Label

3Bone Audio has announced the launch of a new record label, Sweet Spot Music Group. Not specific to any genre, the independent label’s releases will be on every format, from vinyl, CD, MP3 and DVD-Audio.

As a forerunner in music technology, Sweet Spot puts Canada on the map as a key player in the digital and surround sound music revolutions.

Jed Harper, VP Production, says, “Sweet Spot is about quality. We package every album with the conventional stereo CD, but also include 5.1 surround sound on DVD because it offers a better listening experience for the consumer. Plus, our DVDs come with MP3s so fans can load their portable devices straight from the disc.

R&B singer/writer/producer E3 will be the first artist under the new imprint. His first single will be released on vinyl for club DJs and radio, and his album will be released in summer 2005 on CD, DVD-Audio with 5.1 surround sound and as MP3s.

Sweet Spot President, Reza Dahya, says, “It’s all about the music, and we are pleased to launch our new venture with an incredible talent like E3!

3Bone Audio Inc., the parent company of Sweet Spot Music Group, is internationally recognized as a leading surround sound mixing team. In 2004, the company released Canada’s first Electronic DVD-Audio, the debut album from Toronto music producer KAJE. 3Bone Audio has received multiple nominations at the Surround Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California, and has recorded and mixed audio for over 250 national TV commercials.

The company also provides production services such as recording, 2.0 and 5.1 mixing and mastering, director’s commentary recording for DVD, audio for video and film, and more.

Sweet Spot Music, the new label from 3Bone AudioSweet Spot Music, the new label from 3Bone Audio