100” Screen Installed on Ceiling

Some kids have all the luck! It is hard enough to get hold of a wide screened television set and yet some people who can afford them are now having them installed in all the different places!

Take this 100” screen for instance. It is perfectly installed in the ceiling of a kid’s room (yes that is right, A KID’S Room!) which is really going to make a lot of people envious, including me. At the heart of the setup is an NEC projector along with some Draper projection mirrors, which fills that huge StarGlas60 display with full HD images than can be viewed from almost any angle.

But while you are drooling about it, you can bet it cost the people a lot of money apart from making some modifications to make it all work. You do not just mount a 100” screen on the ceiling and expect it to last long up there. The people had to make some improvements in terms of reinforcing the ceiling. And you can bet all these troubles cost quite a fortune!

(Source) Slippery Brick