Yamaha YSP

January 11, in Speakers

Yamaha YSP

Yamaha has created a 5.1 surround sound system that eliminates the need for messy speaker wires. The YSP system (which stands for Yamaha Sound Projector) comes in a thin bar-shaped box in the length of an LCD and plasma TV. The system fits under the TV set and comes in 32 or 42 inch sizes. Easy to set up, the YSP system comes with an IntelliBeam auto setup and calibration system.

The center channel sound is audible directly, while sounds from other channels are audible when reflected from walls in the Home Theater room. The result is a multichannel surround sound, but without needing extra speakers and without the need for unsightly wires. YSP sound does not come cheap but it is top-of-the line. The Yamaha  YSP-3050 retails for about $1400.00.

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