Wi-Fi TV gives 30-day free trial Internet TV station

May 20, in television

Wi-Fi TV Inc. is offering a 30-day free trial Internet TV station to business with all benefits of paid Wi-Fi TV station. Car dealers, consultants, real estate agents, churches etc. are the most benefited ones. The stations will be on air through www.Wi-FiTv.coom and are authorized to cancel after 30-day trial period.

Watch hundreds of TV stations and chat with other people watching the same program in a live chat box. Apart from this you can download a free dialer, host live video parties and make phone calls using the Wi-Fi TV. You can activate or deactivate continuous content, add or change the order of the content easily.

Uploading content was never so easy earlier, thanks to Wi-Fi TV. Get entire control over video and banner ads, on-demand content, content playing, weather, RSS news feeds and what not. You can buy TV stations with cost starting from $25,000 but qualifying business owners don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

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