The Roku HD-XR Player Available On Amazon

July 8, in Set Box

If you’re currently on the hunt for a good media player for video streaming, then check out the Roku HD-XR. It’s a small set-top box for getting TV episodes, movies and other video content from streaming providers including Netflix. Previously, this media player would have cost you $129.99 but now it’s being offered with free shipping on Amazon for only $99.99.

Furthermore, Amazon is sweetening the deal with a $10 credit for its Video On Demand service included as well. Of course, Roku also receives its video streaming from businesses such as,, Flickr, NASA, and Pandora, with whom you need a subscription for services provided. The Roku HD-XR easily connects to an HDTV set through a HDMI port and is compatible with other ports too. However, you’ll have to pay $3.59 for a five-foot HDMI cable. In addition to this, you’re required to have a broadband Internet connection with a speed of at least 1.2 megabits per second and a good router. All of the Roku boxes work with Wi-Fi or Ethernet although the HD-XR model is the only one with 802.11n compatibility. So, this is a pretty good offer from Amazon and it’s only available today. Act now while you still can.


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