The Avatar Kinect program at CES 2011

January 11, in Console Gaming

We have been seeing a lot of Kinect hacks here at Cybertheater, and I can’t figure out which one is the coolest. There was the one that can do serious virtual reality and another to make you invisible.

Any one of these hacks could have been made official by Microsoft and put on display at CES 2011. Instead, they chose the Avatar Kinect program to highlight. Man, Microsoft, you really need to cash in on all these Kinect Hacks.

You will note in the video how the sensor can read lips. I got to encounter it personally as I was waiting in line to talk to Microsoft, and this man appeared on a screen in front of me. There was a camera there so he could talk to me, and it definitely threw me for a loop.

I’m not certain when the Avatar program will be released, but I imagine that it will be soon.


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