Recording Process Part Five – Monitoring, Techniques & Technology

Recording Process Part Five – Monitoring, Techniques & Technology

In these articles we have covered a little bit about acoustics, the technology of microphones and microphone techniques. Today we can look at monitoring, mainly in the studio but also for live performance.

So what are the differences between monitors and domestic loudspeakers? Well, the main differences of course stem from differing demands. Professional monitors often need to play a lot louder than a domestic speaker, so they need to have very high SPL handling. The smaller professional monitors need to have a tough finish because they get moved about, bumped and generally treated with less respect than a domestic speaker. They aim to have as low distortion as possible. You may think ‘are not all speakers made as low distortion as possible?’, but in truth a lot of audiophile domestic speakers are made to sound ‘nice’, not just low distortion. Finally the biggest difference is that the majority of professional monitors are active. read more…

Genelec 1032A Bi-Amplified Monitoring System in Korea

At the KOBA 2007, Genelec Active exhibited its monitor speaker adopting power amp ‘1032A’ in Korea market. Genelec 1032A is a two-way active monitoring system that includes speaker enclosure, magnetically shielded drivers, multiple power amplifiers and active low signal level crossover. read more…

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