SYVIO-200 HD Player / Media Streamer

March 12, in Audio

SYVIO-200 HD Player / Media Streamer is the latest launch in the digital market. A product that allows you to stream or playback all your favorite digital media content from PC, NAS, digital camera or USB mass storage devices.

Allowing you to pull in digital video, audio and photos from difference sources, SYVIO-200 HD Player / Media Streamer is a complete entertainment device. When connected to a HDTV or Home Theater setup, this product won’t let you feel bore with its entertaining features.

The new SYVIO-200 supports peer-to-peer Internet TV streaming technology from SavaTV and the latest high bitrate video formats like MPEG2, MP@HL, VC-01 AP@L3 and H.264 HP@L4.1.

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