Stereo For Visually Impaired

May 1, in Speakers

Stereo for Visually Impaired

Stereo for Visually Impaired

No doubt finding stereo equipment for the visually impaired is limited and hard to find. However, there is at least one product that is now devoted to the blind or even the partially blind. It is a stereo that uses an interface that reacts to the user, while keeping the controls flush with the face when it is not needed. The user starts by moving her or his hands on the surface of the stereo and will soon discover an elevated rubber edge that encircles the control panel.

The listener then presses the glowing power button located in the centre of the volume knob. The button glows – one for radio, another for the CD player and the third for MP3 player or other audio device. The advantage here is each button rises from the stereo surface about one eighth of an inch. A few of the main functions of the stereo use Braille and all controls are voice guided. Each button that you press has an accompanying voice to support it. The stereo has been designed by Danke Dieter who took into consideration blind-friendly technologies such as Braille, JAWS and VoiceOver.

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