Squeezebox Duet Wireless Music Server

January 27, in Audio

Squeezebox Duet Wireless Music Server

The Squeezebox Duet Wireless Music Server consists of a receiver, a handheld controller, and a handset. The handset has an LCD panel at the top, and the controls are at the bottom. You move your thumb around the wheel, just like an iPod, to move up and down in the LCD menus. The idea behind a Wireless Music Server (and there are many coming on the market right now) is that it allows you to use your PC as a conduit for streaming wireless music anyplace in your home where there are speakers, using your Home Theater sound system to play the music.

Basically, it’s like an iPod you use in your home instead of rifling through CDs and trekking back to the CD player every time you want to listen to music. The Squeezebox Duet lets you route the same music through your PC without any of that inconvenience just by using the handset. The Squeezebox Duet Wireless Music Server weighs about a pound and retails for just under $400.

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