Sony Bravia ZX1 Debuts in India

May 17, in LCD

The Sony Bravia ZX1 officially debuted in India, showcasing one of the thinnest LCDs in the world of LCD TV today. Sony has been a reliable brand in the industry and surely this new debut which kicks off in India should be a sign of things to come.

Sony Bravia ZX1 uses LED technology to light up the screen, instead of fluorescent lamps. The screen features two integrated speakers and a woofer, producing 20 Watts of sound – each speaker producing 5 Watts of sound and woofer producing 10 Watts of sound.

Sony India is aggressively trying to get a larger piece of the LCD sector and hopefully the Sony Bravia ZX1 is their ticket to fulfill that goal. Sony is eyeing a 30% market share of the LCD segment.

(Source) UB News

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