Sharp shows off 3D LV-series TVs and Blu-Ray DVRs

June 2, in 3d

It seems that just about every display manufacturer in the world is hopping on the 3D bandwagon and Sharp is no different. The company has just come forth to announce their AQUOS LV-series of televisions that are set to ship in 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch and 6o-inch models all with 1080p resolution and a release date of July 30th.

Sharp says that these displays will utilize FRED, a high-speed signaling technology that will increase brightness and reduce crosstalks, a welcomed feature. Additionally, Sharp will ship the AN-3DG10 3D glasses with these displays that apparantly give users the option of whether they want to watch the displayed content in 3D or 2D. Why you would want this feature, I don’t know, but any feature is a welcome addition as long as it doesn’t take away from th experience.

In other news, Sharp says they have 2 new 3D Blu-ray DVR boxes, the BD-HDW70 and BD-HDW700, both complete with a 1TB hard drive.

via engadget

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