Screen Goo Systems Wall Paint Creates Projection Surface

June 30, in Accessories

Goo Systems Application

Goo Systems Application

Goo Systems was developed in 2000 by a paint engineer, an electronics expert, and a marketing specialist. The company’s flagship product, Screen Goo, is a unique option for consumers to paint their own projection screens on any surface. Screen Goo’s ability to be applied to nearly any paintable surface has seen the product being used in home theater screens, in particluar.

Painting a Goo screen is a two-step process which requires the application of a basecoat then a topcoat. One liter of each is required to make approximately an 8 foot wide 16:9 screen. Goo offers three screen products. If you want a pure white screen, go with the CRT White and if you want to go with gray, their two high contrast options are Digital Grey Lite and Digital Grey with the latter being the darker of the two.

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