Samsung HT-TZ422T Home Theater System Review-A Little Overprice But Good

July 26, in Audio

I really like Samsung audio gear–unlike their televisions, the controls are usually pretty straightforward and they don’t rely on weird curlicues to get the job done.  And the performance is pretty solid, too.  Today we’re talking about the Samsung HT-TZ422T, and there’s plenty to like here.

The Samsung HT-TZ422T is a thousand watt five channel home theater speaker system that offers a variety of included surround sound decoders (Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS audio are just two examples), a variety of playback options, magnetic shielding, wireless rear speakers, a powered subwoofer, iPod dock that also handles iPhones, one HDMI output, and progressive scan DVD player.

The sound on this one did come out a bit lower-end, which was sort of a surprise.  Nothing tragically off, you understand, but just a little less than what I normally expect out of a Samsung.  But the controls are good and the sound is at least passable.

Though I’m a little put off that even a refurbished one of these is selling for three hundred and ten bucks out at Best Buy.  That’s just way too high, especially for refurbished.  I can get a Blu-ray system for not much more than that.  So the Samsung HT-TZ422T may not be the best system you’ll try lately, but it isn’t a bad one.  You can do better, but not by too much.

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