Samsung 950 LED TV Series Coming to CES

January 4, in HDTV / Projection TV

CES is upon us and we’ve got our very own Mark Rollins at the event. However, until each and every company actually puts their products on display we won’t know for sure what the event has in store for us. Luckily, just about everyday a different company comes forth to show off something else they will be announcing and today it’s Samsung.

As you’re sure to know Samsung is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers with everything from smartphones and tablets to cameras and televisions on the market. This particular announcements focuses on their television business as it was made known that theyw ill be showing their 950 series of LED TVs during CES.

As you can see from teha bove picture these televisions feature a very unique form factor that any person who loves good design will appreciate. Spec wise there isn’t much but the 950 series is said to tout a full 1080p HD resolution, 240Hz, built-in WiFi, Internet Apps and a touchscreen remote.

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