Realistic-Looking Assault Rifle Controller For The PS3

July 24, in Accessories

If you’re looking for a more realistic experience with first-person shooters, then you should try the new Assault Rifle Controller For The PS3 from CTA. It’s “fully-loaded” with Six-Axis buttons, which includes the D-pad, Start and Select buttons and working thumbsticks. Furthermore, the trigger is operated with the the R1 button for making your “kill shots”. In order to use it, you just connect it to your PS3 console through a USB dongle. There’s even an integrated speaker that delivers authentic, in-game sound effects right in front of you for a real-life feel of an active war-zone, but it doesn’t include booming sound, though. Thus, this assault rifle controller is due to ship on August 2 but you’ll have to pre-order it at $65 in advance. Click here to watch a live demonstration of the rifle controller on YouTube.


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