Now KISS Has Their Own Officially Licensed LED HDTV

October 2, in HDTV / Projection TV

Yes, dear readers, you did read the title of this article correctly. The legendary band known as KISS recently released their own officially-licensed LED HDTVs. The models are currently available in sizes such as 55-, 46-, 42-, and 32-inch and the product line has been dubbed “Mini Kiss”. If you’re a diehard fan of the infamous rockers, then you might find the name of these LED HDTVs quite amusing and appropriate. Personally, I find the name quite ridiculous, just like the fact that this aging, over-the-hill rock band actually decided to launch their own HDTV sets.

Anyway, each “Mini Kiss” set features the KISS logo located on each bottom corner. The models were produced by Roundtable Concepts. However, even passionate fans of KISS might not be so amused when they see the Mini Kiss’s retail price, which is between $818.88 and $1,988.88. But apparently, buying the 55-inch set will earn you a free 32-inch set as well, according to Engadget. Thus, the LED HDTVs are available for sale now online and you can expect to see them in stores by mid-November.


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