Projectiondesign’s DLP Line-up For CES 2009

.Projectiondesign will showcase its top-notch Helios 3-chip full HD 1080p DLP projector at the CES 2009. Designed to deliver unrivalled picture image with superior clarity, it astounds every spectator. read more…

2Ls Divertimenti Up for 3 Grammy Awards

2Ls Divertimenti Up for 3 Grammy Awards

This weekend Hi Rez Audio fans will be watching to see if 2L’s Divertimenti brings home a Grammy Award. Released last year by Norwegian Record Label Lindberg Lyd AS (usually referred to as «2L»), Divertimenti is the industry’s first Blu-Ray/Surround Sound Super Audio CD combination disc. read more…

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Epson Ensemble HD Home Cinema System Receives 2008 Exc!te Award

Epson is again in news for grabbing the 2008 Exc!te Award. Epson’s Ensemble HD Home Cinema System, a fully-integrated high-end home theater solution has recently won the 2008 Exc!te Award from CustomRetailer Magazine. read more…

Sling Media announces Beta Testing

People using Sling Media are now invited to test their new Beta version. Sling Media has now launched its private beta program for its website Getting started for this trial is an easy task. read more…


Digital Projection has just now introduced its latest product superfluities, which will suit to the DLP projector and programs for their newest and famous displays. The single-chip and 3-chip product lines have become quite popular due to their activeness and best-quality. read more…

SIM2 endorses David Lynch

SIM2, global leader in high-definition home-theater projectors, join hands with David Lynch, the award-winning film director, in the new marketing campaign. SIM2 has set standards in dramatic cabinet designs and pristine video images. read more…

You Tube joins Sony BRAVIA Internet Video Link service

Sony recently announced that You Tube joins BRAVIA Internet Video Link service as online video provider with C-Spot and adding to it. So users of BRAVIA Internet Video Link can enjoy YouTube videos. read more…

Vudu Announces HDX Video Format

Recently, VUDU Inc., a leading provider of digital technologies, launched its HDX Video Format. Considered as a groundbreaking video format, HDX enables you to watch Internet-delivered movie content in a full HD 1080p format. read more…

Sony PlayStation 3 Gaming Console Becomes Latest Super Audio CD Playback Option

Sony PlayStation 3 Gaming Console Becomes Latest Super Audio CD Playback Option

Earlier today, Sony released the long-awaited PlayStation 3 gaming console. In addition to providing gaming fans with 1080p level video and a Blu-Ray Disc drive, the console also offers playback of both Single Layer and Hybrid Super Audio CDs in Mono, Stereo and Multichannel Audio sound. The product comes in two editions – a Basic edition selling for a list price of $499 and a Premium edition that sells for a list price of $599. (The difference between the two units is that the Premium unit features Wi-Fi, a 60GB hard disk drive and several flash memory readers while the Basic unit has a smaller 20GB hard disk drive and does not include WiFi or the flash memory readers.) read more…

Krell and Linn Release High Resolution Audio Players (HFR)

Krell and Linn Release High Resolution Audio Players (HFR)

Krell Industries and Linn Products, two of the best known names in high end audio, announced this week that they plan to release their initial entries into the high resolution audio player market. The new products from both companies are shipping to dealers in May and should be available for an audition soon. read more…


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ATV Bootloader lends XBMC & Boxee Functionality to Apple TV

It is good news for all Apple product aficionados that ATV Bootloader has appended the XBMC, as well as Boxee hook up to Apple TV. Andrew, Boxee’s marketing partner says, "Apple TV will play any type of content you want. read more…

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