EPSON To Donate 10 PowerLite W6 Projectors

Epson America Inc., one of the global leaders in manufacturing projectors has decided to donate 10 new Epson PowerLite W6 Projectors to the Florida Digital Educator program’s Master Digital Educators. These educators will use these donated projectors to showcase the importance of integrating interactive learning technologies for enhancing students’ classroom experiences.

Epson’s PowerLite W6 Projector delivers WXGA resolution of 16:10. It offers high-definition quality video and digital audio through its 7W speaker. Featuring USB video, VGA video and HDMI connectivity, this projector provides enhanced connectivity with other similar devices. It offers 2000 lumens of white light output and 2000 lumens of color light output.

The new Epson PowerLite W6 Projector incorporate the new E-TORL technology for enhances energy efficiency and cost reductions over time. It uses lamps that offer more brightness per watt than the lamps used in other similar projectors available in the market.

Via: Epson