Metal Gear Arcade Arrives In Japan

August 2, in Console Gaming

Since being announced last summer, the Metal Gear Arcade 3D arcade game has arrived in Japan, turning up in numerous arcades throughout the land of the rising sun. Currently, this is being done as a limited-run public test. More specifically, the game has been seen in arcades for Yokohama and Tokyo and players are required to use 3D glasses, while holding full-sized plastic guns with connectivity for about four cabinets for multi-player action. Furthermore, Metal Gear Arcade offers two different styles of control, in which the first style involves the movements of your gun being tracked by the game. Meanwhile, the second style consists of the movements of your head being tracked through your 3D glasses. Thus, you’ll be playing in a first-person perspective, as is standard for most shooters. No official word yet on when gamers in the United States will get to enjoy this new arcade game for the Metal Gear Solid series.


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