LG Smart Remote gets its own ad

March 29, in LG

LG has more in development than just 50- & 60-inch PZ750 3D Plamsa TVs and LG 42PT350 Plasma Televisions.

At first when I was watching this commercial that I couldn’t find a video clip for, I saw that a baby was pointing to pick out what programs that it wanted to watch. Then they showed the father holding the LG Smart Remote.

I’m probably not going to purchase one of these, but it is clearly a remote with some sort of motion sensor in it. Considering all that I have seen done with Kinect hacks, would it have been that hard to come up with a remote that works by pointing?

Perhaps that would have opened up a new problem. How do you keep it so that it recognizes the right person that is pointing? Do you really want your baby pointing on a whim and changing your programming? I’m guessing no.

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