LG 60PZ550 Plasma Television Review-Impressive But Expensive

February 23, in LG

We’ve got something a bit unusual for you today, folks: it’s a little dose of LG plasma television in the form of the LG 60PZ550, a surprisingly potent plasma television.

The LG 60PZ550 is a sixty inch 1080p plasma television that offers 3D capability (when you add on the extra necessary components) as well as 2D to 3D conversion, the Dual XD engine, two ten watt speakers, 600 Hz sub field, the TruSlim frame for improved aesthetics, four HDMI ports, an optical audio output, a PC audio port, an Ethernet port, two component video ports, and two USB ports.

It’s hard for a sixty inch 1080p plasma to look anything but good, so thankfully, this one will certainly qualify. The sound quality does all right for unaugmented ten watt speakers, and you’ll find that this one plays almost equally well with both older and newer components. It’s a pretty nice system, and having that kind of screen at that kind of resolution, well, it’s hard not to like this.

Of course, there’s one substantial problem here–it costs a whopping seventeen hundred sixty dollars out at Amazon, which is no small price tag, make no mistake about that.

A huge display is a great thing, sure enough. And the sound won’t be terribly disappointing. But shelling out that kind of money, well, that’s a hard recommendation for most anyone. The end result will be largely subjective; this is a fine set, no mistake, but the LG 60PZ550 can’t be easily recommended due to its sheer expense.

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