Lexar Multi-Card 24-in-01 USB Reader

June 25, in Card Reader

Lexar Multi-Card 24-in-01 USB Reader Lexar Media, the known provider of memory products for digital media worldwide, has unveiled the new Lexar Multi-Card 24-in-01 USB Reader that features five slots and supports 24 popular memory card formats. The reader is an all rounder solution that facilitates card-to-card file transfer and concurrent downloads, ensuring quality, compatibility and performance.

The Lexar Multi-Card 24-in-01 USB Reader is an extremely versatile card reader, developed with a unique pop-up design. It offers reliable performance and is easy-to-use. This protects the card when not in use. The reader comes equipped with a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cable for easy and quick download of photo, video, music, and other files.

The Multi-Card 24-in-01 USB Reader comes with one-year limited warranty. Visit www.lexar.com for further information about this reader.

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