Klipsch HDT 300 Home Theater Speakers Review-Pricey But Still Pretty Good

October 25, in Audio

Perhaps the least important feature of any good home theater system is its speakers. Sure, you can do without them. You can’t do without a television and something to play media on, but it’s possible to get along without a good set of speakers. Desirable? No, of course not. Big sound makes a home theater setup something to enjoy. And that’s why we’re going to look at home theater speakers this week, starting off with the Klipsch HDT 300 system.

The Klipsch HDT 300 is a three hundred watt, 5.1 channel speaker system that offers four speakers and a center channel speaker, along with an eighty watt subwoofer and a three quarter inch tweeter.

You’re probably looking at that spec sheet in something like dismay and wondering how on this entire foul-mouthed planet can Best Buy possibly justify charging four hundred bucks for such a setup–because they are–and I tell you this much, it’s because of a combination of factors: sound quality, and the name.  I loved the way these things sounded. It was pretty sweet, and if you’ve got a smaller room for your home theater setup, you’re definitely going to want to have a listen to these.

Sure, you can go with a whole-setup home theater system, one that will offer a DVD or Blu-ray player for quite a bit less money, but you won’t get the satisfaction of the Klipsch name, nor will you get the incredible sound quality you’d get from these.

Am I saying they’re perfect, or right in every situation? No, not hardly. But what I am saying is that, despite the relatively high price tag, they’re still well worth a listen. So if you’re looking for big sound from small speakers, give a thought to the Klipsch HDT 300.

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