Introducing The V-Moda Crossfade Headphones

August 3, in Headphones

Now the Crossfade LP from V-Moda is definitely a unique-looking set of headphones. The outer side of the earcups sport metal hardware that seems to resemble little shields and they’re significantly heavier than most headphones you’d find on the market. However, they’re comfortable to wear and have a snug fit that blocks out most outside noise, according to CrunchGear. Apparently, this set of headphones was designed to offer versatility, boasting compatibility for the iPhone and other devices such as PC and a track recorder.

Furthermore, the Crossfade LP features two separate audio cables and a ?” converter. The first cable offers a three-button remote that supports the iPhone 3GS while the other one is built to deliver audio functionality with all other devices including the iPhone. Nonetheless, users might be frustrated to find that the three-button remote doesn’t work with every type of device. CrunchGear reports that only the play/stop button works on some devices. But in terms of sound, the Crossfade LP provides a great audio experience for the high and mid-ranges although it fails to perform well with the bass. Overall, this is an effective set of headphones but you won’t find flawless functionality for every device you try them on. Thus, the Crossfade LP Headphones from V-Moda are available for $250.


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