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Konica Minolta bizhub C31P Series
Honda and NHL Partner Up Officially
Mega Man 9 DLC, Shining Force 2 Hit Wii Shop Channel
Acer Aspire AS5735-4624: Only $400 at BestBuy

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  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Meets Mac OS X
  • Metal Gear Online Gets “Meme” Expansion
  • ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ to Get Axed?
  • PlanOn Launched Printstick PS910 Bluetooth Printer

Dell-Paramount deal puts Iron Man on PCs

Dell the leading PCs manufacturer and Paramount Pictures are coming up with a new-fangled "Iron Man". Launching of "Iron Man" is the first step taken by Dell to set up a broader digital content storefront, which can bring a momentous competition for Apple’s overriding iTunes Store. read more…


Weekend Box Office
First GTA: Chinatown Wars Screens and Details
Sony Vaio TT to be Released This Monday?
Sony Upgrades ?700 Camera

World’s Smallest Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems

Recently, Intellian Technologies U.S.A., unveiled World’s Smallest Marine Satellite TV Antenna Systems. The two new systems launched are Intellian i1 and Intellian i2. These systems have been designed to bring ultra stabilized and highly mobile satellite television reception to a wider range. read more…


aha range of bags
Sony Ericsson G705 Kumiko Phone Official
LucasArts: Star Wars: Force Unleashed Definitely NOT Coming to PC
‘Flash of Genius’ Trailer


Alone In The Dark PS3 Changes
Shakespeare is in for a Spanking
Sharpener Pro 3.0
Apple’s iTunes 8 Got Leaked and Downloaded

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Sony Ericsson TM506 Available from T-Mobile
Get Traffic Info with Your iPhone
Age of Conan “Definitely” Coming to Xbox 360
Transcend’s 720 Digital Photo Frame

DisplaySearch HDTV Conference 2007

.DisplaySearch recently announced that it will hold HDTV Conference on October 10-11, 2007 in Los Angeles California where executives from both Blu-ray Disc & HD DVD Camps will address the adoption of next-generation DVDs, regardless of format. read more…

I Love You USB LED Light


USB Brando unveils cool products now and then. Here is an interesting product that would make your beloved say WOW. It’s another way of expressing your love. I Love You’ USB LED Light communicates your LOVE message to your lover. read more…

Thorens TD190

.Thorens, keeping pace with the fast changing world has introduced Thorens TD190 turntable. This is a fully automatic turntable in which all the user needs to do play the record just by flipping a switch. read more…

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  • Seth Rogen, to play the Green Hornet
  • Heavenly Sword Demo this Thursday
  • Sharpics Table Top Monopode
  • Thorens TD170 turntable


    Thorens TD170 is one of the best starter turntable available at TTVJ at a list price of $449. It has a fixed headshell. Playing records become fun with fully automatic TD170. It performs all the functions beginning from setting the needle on the record, returning it to its resting place at the end, shutting off the drive motor awaiting your next selection. read more…

    Yamaha Mark IV Disklavier

    Yamaha has recently announced its most modern Mark IV Disklavier, which will provide a new definition of enjoyment for users. In fact, it is a cool, real and high-quality piano that can play itself. read more…

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