Hitachi Presents The LifeStudio Series For External Hard Drives

July 7, in Hard Drive

Recently, Hitachi launched a new product line for external hard drives called the LifeStudio series, which is compatible with Mac and PC machines. The hard drives come with a new software known as 3D Wall that instantly gathers and arranges a personal collection of images, videos, music and files from your computer, USB device or social media outlets. Furthermore, the LifeStudio series also features a content management application and Hitachi Backup software. There are four hard drives in the series, which are known as the LifeStudio Mobile, LifeStudio Mobile Plus, LifeStudio Desk and LifeStudio Desk Plus. However, the LifeStudio Mobile is the entry-level version and it’s available with a 250GB HDD for $79.99. Meanwhile, the LifeStudio Desk Plus with a 2TB HDD is priced at $219.99.


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