HiFiMan HE-06 Headphones coming soon

January 11, in Headphones

Welcome to the HiFiMan HE-06 Headphones, on display at CES 2011 along with other cool ones.

The HE-06 has a gold diaphragm and “a highly efficient magnetic orthodynamic circuit design”. For those who don’t know, that is a design in between dynamic and electrostatic headphones and speakers.

It has an EF5 headphone amplifier that can do 2 watts per channel with a frequency response of 8 to 65 KHz, 50 Ohm impedence, and efficiency of 83.5 DB.

Like the ones from Beyerdynamic, these are pretty expensive, at an MSRP of $1199. If you look at the official site here, it is going for $999.

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