HandyDuo Portable Gaming Console Developed To Play NES And Super NES Cartridges

August 3, in Console Gaming

It’s very impressive what some people are able to accomplish when they have the right mix of creativity, talent, resources and personal time. For example, a talented modder who calls herself “loveablechevy” actually spent two years developing a portable, gaming console she named the “HandyDuo”, which supports old NES and Super NES games. Furthermore, this device features a RetroDuo gaming system, PSOne portable screen and a 4,250mAh battery. So obviously, this little console was built for some old-school gaming, NES and Super NES-style! This is probably exciting news for all the gamers out there who grew up with these classic, older console systems (myself included). Click here to watch loveablechevy give a live demonstration of her impressive creation on YouTube.


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