Halcro SSP220

March 27, in Audio


Halcro SSP220

The Halcro SSP220 is a feature-packed surround sound processor with substantial improvements over previous models. Produced for the choosy home theater enthusiast who insists on the supreme home theater experience, the SSP220 delivers amazing performance and reliability. The Halcro Logic Surround Processors offer a total solution for all the types of home theater applications and in spite of their sophisticated design they are easy to operate.

Features include 1080P 24, Multi-channel Linear PCM, and true 7.1 discrete audio, the Halcro SSP220 is the new standard for high-end processors. You can play music and/or video in two seperate rooms. Digital audio & video can be transmitted from the DVD player direct to the processor and/or projector/plasma display and HDMI de-interlacing for better video performance. MSRP $11990.00


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