Dynex DX-HTIB Home Theater System Review-Home Theater On The Super-Cheap

September 6, in Accessories

It’s not every day I run into a home theater anything from Dynex, let alone a home theater system. But if you’re looking for highly inexpensive home theater that won’t be terribly disappointing, then you might want to think about today’s review target, the Dynex DX-HTIB.

I presume, of course, that HTIB stands for Home Theater In a Box, because that’s what this is. The Dynex DX-HTIB is a two hundred watt, 5.1 channel system that includes five satellite speakers, a five inch subwoofer, a variety of surround sound decoders including Dolby Digital, a variety of playback options (it’ll handle regular DVDs as well as burnable DVDs), one component video output, headphone jacks, two stereo audio inputs, one stereo audio output, an AM/FM tuner with forty presets and a variety of DSP modes to determine sound playback.

Now, you can see immediately that this is not anything big or impressive.  In fact, the sound quality on this is best described as strictly mediocre. But it’s definitely got everything you need to make your movies significantly louder, and probably at least a little better sounding than what your television can do unaided.

Where the Dynex DX-HTIB does shine, however, is that it costs a whopping hundred and twenty five bucks, which makes it more than suitable for, say, the kids’ room, or for a test environment where you want to try some different stuff out, or even possibly as an outdoor setup.

The Dynex DX-HTIB isn’t anything great, but it is something good, and if your primary concern is home theater on the super-cheap, then certainly, have a look at the Dynex DX-HTIB.

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