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Do It Yourself (DIY) is well-known for its row of digital music servers. Recently it has introduced a new detachable earphone system. This earphone system is composed of the left ear bud, right ear bud and all the wires of this set are connected to the central module. All these parts are independent and detachable hence you can replace any particular part easily when it is busted.

The central module functions as a main control for the players and it can be used to adjust some basic functions like volume, pause, play, start and stop. DIY earphone systems are available in two models they are wired and wireless.

The wired model is a basic headphone type which needs to connect it to the headphones jack of the music players. The next model is wireless that allows you to connect it up through Bluetooth. Both headphones are characterized by an excellent earphone output and you can look at this product if you like to enjoy your music from headphones without any outside disturbances.



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