Coby DVD968 Home Theater System Review-Cheap And Functional

July 27, in Audio

I found a little bit of an older model hiding out to talk to you about today, folks–just in case you get the shot to pick it up.  It’s already available through, so it’ll definitely be worth it to get some information on it in case you’re looking for a new sound system for your home theater.  Today we’re talking about the Coby DVD968.

The Coby DVD968 is a five channel home theater system offering up a thousand watts of total system power.  It also offers a DVD player, a three hundred watt subwoofer, Dolby Digital surround sound decoder, compatibility with a variety of media formats, AM/FM radio tuner, a media card slot for Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard memory cards, USB port, one HDMI input, two stereo audio inputs, one rear A/V input, one component video input, one HDMI output, two stereo audio outputs, six rear A/V outputs and one component video output.

You can see immediately that there’s quite a bit there, even if it is all a bit lower-end.  And the sound is definitely not as impressive as some I’ve heard–this thing will NEVER be a match for a proper Samsung and both will be blown out of the water by virtually any Bose–but it’s at least passable.

Where the Coby DVD968 really comes into its own is in terms of pricing.  You can get this one online with Best Buy (and in some stores, so check your area) for a hundred and thirty five bucks.  I don’t mind telling you that that is extremely reasonable for home theater hardware.

So if you’re looking for a starter home theater system, or an inexpensive replacement for an old one, spare a thought for the dirt cheap and functional Coby DVD968.

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