Canton 511 DC and 501 Speakers

July 3, in Audio

Recently, Canton, Germany’s largest and the best selling loudspeaker brand, expanded its Chrono line of value-added high-performance loudspeakers with two advanced models. The two new models are the three-way Chrono 511 DC tower and the compact Chrono 501 on-wall speaker.

Canton USA president Paul Madsen says “By employing the drivers, design and engineering of the classic Ergo series, but with less costly cabinet aesthetics, we were able to reduce pricing by over 30%, and the response has been extremely positive. By adding a new top-of-the-line tower and low-depth on-wall, we’ve expanded the range of applications for home theater and music systems, making it even more versatile.”

Canton Chrono 501 is an ideal loudspeaker for surround channels of a home theatre system. It incorporates a 6-inch aluminum bass driver and is capable of offering powerful midrange and bass response of up to 40 Hz. It is a compact 2-way sealer enclosure speaker.

On the other hand, Canton Chrono 511 DC features Canton’s exclusive DC technology that uses proprietary high-pass filter eliminating signals below the audible frequency range. It is a three-way bass reflex floorstanding model that incorporates two 9-inch Aluminum cone woofers and a detailed 7-inch aluminum midrange.

Both the 511 DC and 501 models feature gold-plated speaker terminals. The Canton Chrono 511 DC and Chrono 501 are available in the market at a retail price of $ 1,400 and $ 425 respectively.

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