Artison In-Wall LCR Speakers

November 22, in Audio

Artison recently unveiled their new LCR IN-wall speakers at CEDIA EXPO 2008. The in-wall LCR speakers are a great option for designing a smart and elegant home theater look especially at places where space is at premium.

Their DualMono® Center Channel technology offers crisp and clear dialogue delivery, thereby making your sound experience incredibly enjoyable. The speakers come in three different models-masterpieces, sketch and portrait. The Masterpiece LCRs are 31" high, 6.8" wide and 3.75" deep.

The portrait in-wall speakers are 27” high, 6.8” wide and 3.75”deep. The sketch LCRs bear the same dimensions as of the portrait ones, but it is a great option for price-conscious people longing to have exceptional sound quality. The high-end Materpieces come with a price tag of $2,800.00 / pair, whereas the portrait speakers are available for $2,000.00 / pair. The inexpensive sketch LCRs will cost you around $1,350.00 per pair.

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