Apple TV Getting Firmware Updated to Version 4.1

November 22, in Set Box

If you’re an Apple fan you already know about the new Apple TV. However, if you’re not familiar with this device it is a set-top box designated completely for streaming from popular services like Netflix and iTunes with no internal storage whatsoever. While the device is completely capable in its current state, Apple has pushed out an update for the Apple TV’s software bringing it up to version 4.1.

This software update will compliment the iOS version 4.2. update that just got pushed out for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. This update brings with it AirPlay which essentially lets you stream content from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch straight to your Apple TV.

For those of you with a lot of content on your mobile devices, this will prove to be extremely useful. However, I jsut want to know when Apple is going to get around to letting us use apps on the Apple TV. Come on Apple, please?

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