3D Volumetric Display is powered by Kinect

January 19, in Console Gaming

Of course, I can’t stop reporting on Kinect hacks, especially those that come use some sort of 3D interface.

We’ve seen those with a guitar or a piano, for example. This is Taha Bintahir’s 3D volumetric display that can render an image in 3D, and can be gesture-controlled by the Kinect itself.

According to Hack A Day, Bintahir designed and built the prism itself, rendered the object he wanted to display (in this case the Superman logo) from four different camera angles, and projected the images on the four walls of the prism to create the 3D object in the center. Oh, and he distorted each of the images to match the angle of the prism’s walls.

I guess he thought that the Superman crest was a pretty good choice for it. It looks like it would be something nice for the top of the home theater.


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