Stager Silver Solids Interconnects

Stager Silver Solids Interconnects


  • Design: Unshielded symmetrical pair Ultra low 11 pF/ft. Capacitance.
  • Wire: .999 pure silver 24 ga. (.020″ diameter) solid core wire.
  • Insulator: Translucent Teflon.
  • Connectors: Canare F-10 RCA connectors. Machined solid brass center, Teflon insulator, 24K gold plated contacts, spring strain relief.
  • Construction: Lead free silver solder at all contacts. Color coded Polyolefin heat shrink at ends. Caig ProGold coating applied to silver for lasting anti-tarnish protection, and to connectors for perfect electrical contact.
  • Price: $129.00 -1 Meter Pair ($80.00 per additional meter)

When a product is designed correctly and does everything right, you really don’t need to mess with it much. It seems to me that should be the way things are supposed to work, and I love those types of products. The Stager Silver solids have been built the same way using the same products by the same guy for over a decade and they sound awesome. A question that will go unanswered not only in this review but also likely for the rest of my life I believe is “Why do companies constantly create new product lines?” I think the answer is that people want the latest greatest product, but is it truly better and at what cost in the long run? read more…

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