KCI Cables & Interconnects review (Mandarina, Firefly, Silkworm )

KCI Cables & Interconnects review (Mandarina, Firefly, Silkworm )

Only a precious few earth dwellers dabble in the world of high-end stereo. The cold, hard truth is that most folks either don’t know or could not give a s#*t about the effort to pursue better sound. That’s fine. Leave the uninitiated to their Best Buy and Wal Mart specials while we audiophiles bask in a land rich in fine crafted component jewelry. After all, not everyone was meant to ‘get it’ /< insert snub face with nose in the air /<. Yet within this special interest group some refer to as Audiophilia, there exists heavy debate over something considered by many as voodoo. I’m talkin’ about high end cables.

Ah yes, cables – the one topic guaranteed to tickle the hairs on the neck of even the most liberal of audio veterans. It’s the one component in the audio chain that draws a distinctive line in the sand between the gospel and the cynics. For all intents and purposes, however, this article is not designed to act as the great equalizing parchment drawn to bring peace throughout audio land. Instead, this article observes, nay, even illustrates, the differences of some very well respected interconnects. So hear ye, huddled masses of the converted and non-converted alike, I bring to thee a comparison of KCI’s finest. read more…


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