Emerson, Lake and Palmer – ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

Those of you old enough to recall the 1970’s golden era of progressive rock will also fondly remember the classic, groundbreaking albums of the time. High on anyone’s prog-rock list will be Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s provocatively named ‘Brain Salad Surgery’, one of those statement concept albums that so lent themselves to the whole 1970’s psychedelic, substance-assisted ‘experience’. read more…

The Corrs – ‘In Blue’ A DVD-Audio review by Stuart M. Robinson

Back in 1995 when ‘Forgiven, Not Forgotten’ was released, The Corrs had a fresh, exciting sound, their songs a heady mixture of Irish folk and polished ‘pop’, punctuated by rip-roaring Irish reels or melodic instrumentals. read more…

Digital DVD-Audio Interface Part of Meridian’s 800 Series Upgrade Package

A digital DVD-Audio interface is part of Meridan’s v3 upgrade for their 800 series products.

Known as MHR Smart Link, the proprietary, encrypted digital interface enables multi-channel content from either DVD-Audio or DVD-Video discs to be delivered from Meridian’s 800 DVD player to the company’s 861 reference surround controller and DSP loudspeakers via a trio of RCA coaxial cables. read more…

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