Introducing The Focal Bird Speaker System

Audio Plus Services recently unveiled their new Focal Bird 2.1 speaker system, which is comprised of a unified amplifier with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. This speaker system is also equipped with a Focal Kleer wireless dongle for streaming audio content from the iPod, iPhone, or iPad and a USB dongle for streaming audio from your computer as well. read more…

Bird Electron Hyoutan Speakers


Hyoutan Speaker

Inspired by nature, a Japanese electronic manufacturer, Bird Electron has come up with a unique speaker unit for PMPs that. These speakers, named “Hyoutan”, will produce soft and natural sound, which emits from their rather gourd like shape. read more…

Bird Electron EZ16YG Peanuts Speakers

Bird electron, a renowned name in the world of innovative electronic products recently unveiled its EZ16YG peanut speakers for DAP. Amazing and elegant in look, the peanut speakers carry every feature to attract users towards it. read more…

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