ZVOX Bows New SoundBar Speakers

For those of you who like your speakers in one unit, and don’t mind paying for the compactness and efficiency, then the new line of ZVOX soundbars is going to be EXACTLY what you need.  ZVOX isn’t a company that believes in cheap manufacturing processes, but they do manage to pack in some value given the components they use.

The secret to their sound, so the company says, is a combination of Neodymium magnets and ferrofluid, allowing the speakers to–get this–”reproduce accurate low frequencies down to 48 Hz (ZVOX 430) or 43 Hz (ZVOX 440) with the help of a long-excursion 4” powered subwoofer in a tuned enclosure.”

That’s deep.  Deep like Socrates.

And they’re right–most equipment coming in at under six hundred dollars only has so much capability, but forty-eight hertz is no small feat.  You’ll be able to pick these beauties up fairly soon–they were just introduced, so it’ll take them a while to filter down into stores.