ZTT Adds Three Surround Sound SACDs to Catalog

British rock label ZTT (Zang Tuum Tumb) Records has added three new Surround Sound SACDs featuring the groups Art of Noise and Propaganda to their catalog. The new SACDs mark the label’s first batch of SACD releases in some time. The three new albums are due in stores in January with early copies being made available now via the ZTT Records web site in the U.K.

In August 2001, ZTT released “Rage Hard: The Sonic Collection” which featured 13 songs from the British Rock group Frankie Goes to Hollywood in Surround Sound SACD (ZTT Records ZTT 177SACD). The album featured some very imaginative surround sound remixes and went into a second pressing a year later (see article linked below).

ZTT’s Trevor Horn Comments on SACD
At the time of the original release of Rage Hard, ZTT Records owner Trevor Horn was quite enthused about releasing albums in the SACD format noting that “A new format always gives me an opportunity to look at my work in a different way, and the SACD format gives a new clarity. As when stereo first happened, DSD will soon become the norm and people will become used to it.” Horn went on to say that he planned to release several more of this label’s albums in Surround Sound SACD format in the future.

3 New Surround Sound SACDs from ZTT in January
The new SACDs include two albums from the group Art of Noise and one album from the group Propaganda. The albums are slated for in-store release on January 19th in the U.K. and early purchase now directly from ZTT Records. These new Surround Sound SACDs from ZTT are as follows:

  • Reconstructed – Art of Noise (ZTT Records ZTT 182SACD)
  • A Secret Wish – Propaganda (ZTT Records ZTT 183SACD)
  • Daft – Art of Noise (ZTT Records ZTT 184SACD)

    All three discs are Hybrid Layer Surround Sound SACDs. They feature SACD Surround Sound, SACD Stereo and CD Stereo versions of the music on each disc. They are playable on SACD, CD and SACD compatible DVD Video players.

    Two of the three SACDs (Reconstructed and A Secret Wish) are already available for purchase from the ZTT Records web site.

    The third (Daft) is expect to be available for purchase from the ZTT web site shortly. In addition, pre-orders on all 3 Surround Sound SACDs are being accepted by Amazon.Com’s UK division (www.Amazon.Co.Uk) and Play.Com.