ZeeVee ZvBox Broadcast Internet TV or Computer Content to All HDTVs in Home


ZeeVee Inc., a startup company has recently launched its ZvBox, a new consumer electronics product designed for watching any Internet TV, computer content on HDTVs and online video.This new product from ZeeVee comes packed with innovative features and functionalities.

ZvBox uses your existing cable wiring in order to reach all the HDTVs in your house with just one box. Moreover, it is capable of broadcasting the same great HD resolution as displayed by a computer. Not only this, ZvBox lets you watch any online content with no new subscription fees.

“Instead of the walled garden world of set-top box solutions, ZvBox opens up the entire universe of Internet video and computer applications, where innovation usually happens first. And since ZvBox provides a duplication of what you see on your monitor, anything you can do on your computer you can now do on your HDTVs.” said ZeeVee Co-founder and CEO Vic Odryna.

With ZvBox you get a ZvRemote that comes with an integrated touch pad and controls your media playback. Incorporating the ZvCast technology, ZvBox defines the new local casting product category. ZvBox from ZeeVee will be available for preorder online at the site called Amazon.com.

Via: Press