YouTube Talking with NHL & NBA to Stream Live Games?

When it comes to online video YouTube is more often times than not the definitive source. Featured on YouTube is a whole slew of content fro just about everyone including product reviews and video game commentaries to full length feature films. However, what isn’t included on YouTube right now is any time of live streaming sports games. Luckily, it looks like Google may be looking to change all of that as rumors have just surfaced that say the search engine giant is in talks with both the NHL and NBA to stream live games.

Unfortunately, it seems that the NHL has come forth to deny any such discussions, and the NBA hasn’t done more than express minor interesst. If this were to happen, it would defintely work towards phasing out traditional broadcast television. I mean, with streaming sports games on YouTube in addition to Netflix, who really needs a cable subscription?

What about you? Would you prefer to watch your sports games on YouTube?

via engadget