You Tube channel removed from Roku

So, let’s say you got yourself a Roku and you want to watch YouTube videos. Well, you can’t.

You actually were able to before. But not because there was an official channel. There was an unofficial and unlicensed channel that users could watch in order to work around the lack of YouTube.

I’m guessing that people thought YouTube or their parent company Google approved of this YouTube station, but they didn’t. Even Roku left instructions of how to get this YouTube channel in their official FAQ. Now, new users can’t access this channel, but those who have been using it can still access it.

This is one of those times where I think these two companies, YouTube and Roku, need to just unite and find out what consumers want and just give it to them. I’m sure that there will be a price, and if consumers are willing to play, then there is really nothing wrong with that, is there?