Yamahas MusicCAST2 Network Music System


Yamaha MusicCAST2

Yamaha’s MusicCAST2 Network Music System is a Wi-Fi-based music center that allows you to wirelessly transmit and listen to music in up to 32 rooms throughout your home (most of not having even close to 32 rooms in our homes, but oh well!). Claiming to be the ultimate multiroom wireless system for music buffs, the MusicCAST2 supports MP3s. WAV, WMA, FLAC and iTunes AAC files as well as playback music from iPods, Bluetooth devices and other Yamaha accessories by using the built-in dock port and USB drives.

It’s able to pull audio from a variety of sources, including Internet radio, Rhapsody, both Macs and PCs and NAS devices. The MusicCAST1 was first introduced to the market six or seven years ago when the release of a wireless music platform was fairly new.