Yamaha YHT-693BL Home Theater System Review-Powerful if Pricey

We carry on with a look at a chunk of standard solid in the form of Yamaha’s YHT-693BL, which should be expected to perform solidly being that it’s of the Yamaha lineup, and Yamaha has historically been a solid brand. The Yamaha YHT-693BL falls nicely in line with what you’d expect.

The Yamaha YHT-693BL is a five hundred and twenty five watt 5.1 channel home theater system that offers a Yamaha RX-V467 receiver (which also boasts four HDMI inputs and an HDMI output, 3D support and an Audio Return Channel) ther rest of the system includes a variety of decoders (Cinema DSP and Scene top the list), a ten watt subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, a iPhone / iPod port, Deep Color Transmission capability, and three separate volume level presets.

There’s a terrific array of features involved in this–the fact that a fairly solid receiver comes with the package is a welcome but wholly unexpected surprise–and the sound quality coming out of this thing sounded pretty nice, though what you’ll get out of it is going to be largely dependent on acoustics.

Between the sheer reputation of the brand name, the wide variety of features and the quality of the system overall, you might expect to pay a lot for this, and you will. In fact, the folks out at Amazon are charging  fully five hundred and sixty nine dollars for this set.

Though you may want to listen to it yourself first to see how it turns out in your particular set of circumstances, the Yamaha YHT-693BL should have most everything you want.